Wednesday, May 23, 2012


One blog that I absolutely adore is Skunkboy Creatures. Katie is just simply the cutest. She's done a couple of "currently" posts to give her readers a little peek into her everyday life. I loved the idea, so I'm gonna try one out and if you all like them then, well, maybe I'll do them more often :)
Listening: "The Commander Thinks Aloud" by The Long Winters. My friend Kyle put together a playlist that I've been listening to for hours now. Check it out:
Pinning: TONS of Summer party ideas. Everything from decorations to food to special cocktails. Thinking about having an outdoor birthday party this year. Hey, ya only turn 23 once right?
Drinking: Coffee (always). 
Working on: A resume and cover letter for a substitute teaching position at a school for children with special needs. VERY excited by this potential opportunity! I will say though that resume and cover letter writing is probably one of my least favorite tasks on the planet. Who does like it though, really?
Anticipating: My Europe trip!! I am SO excited! I leave August 15th and will be gone for almost 6 weeks. I have so much money to save up and so much planning to do, but am already dreaming of train rides through the alps and long walks under the Tuscan sun :)
Wearing: Jeans and a threadless T-shirt because it's just that kind of day.
Obsessing over: This dress. As I've said, I need to save money...but oh, wow do I want this dress.
Reading: Terrify No More by Gary Haugen, the President and CEO of IJM, a human rights agency fighting to end human trafficking. Very eye opening, and definitely a recommended read.
Watching: Felicity! I'm obsessed and am so glad all four seasons are on Netflix slashhh not glad because it's taking over my life! It's so rare to have a main character who has so much character depth and is a deep thinker. Love it.
Thankful for: My new Bridgeway Community Church family! It is so hard to find a community that you feel like you connect with. Feeling very blessed.

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