Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outfit // Hot Pink & Sunshine

       My last outfit post was right before my life-altering cold happened (I have a flair for the dramatic...). After being sick for a few days I decided to venture outside and soak up some sunshine. Sunglasses definitely had to happen, though. Not just because my eyes are still so sensitive to light that I literally can't open them without looking like I just watched The Notebook, but because I was in no mood to put on make-up today. I'm in love with these pink sunnies though, so I had no problem with that :) They, along with the pink shoes, add the perfect pop of color to this outfit!

Hot pink loafers? Yes, please!
Oh, and did I mention I got to ride in a BMW Z4? Be jealous.
(Holy cow, I had no idea I was wearing so much H&M that day!)

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