Friday, June 8, 2012

Outfit // Enchanted Garden

As most of you know, I am a nanny. Somedays it can be a really challenging job. But, somedays are simply amazing and so much fun! Yesterday was one of those days :) Two of my kids graduated from the 5th grade and to celebrate we went to Old Ellicott City and grabbed ice cream at Scoopah Dee Doo. After that we went to the fairly new Miller Branch library-it's so gorgeous! The kids and I sat around reading books for hours. One of them got so hooked on a book I practically had to drag him out of the library and the book was nearly finished by the end of the day. While he stayed inside the library to keep reading, the youngest child (Hana) and I went outside to the libraries "Enchanted Garden" (it really is called that!).
It was such an amazing and cute space. Hana and I took pictures of lots of plants and butterflies and, of course, tons of pics of each other. It was a really great day :)
A side note on the earrings: I've been on a spending freeze as of a couple weeks ago. I have a huge Europe trip coming up in just a couple months and have so much money to save up still! This whole not-buying-any-clothes-because-it-will-be-worth-it thing has been a seriously tough concept for me...I love buying new things at the start of each new season because the weather is so inspiring (I know, wah wah wah). Anyways, my friend Brittanie and I were at the mall (a place I should really just avoid) when I saw these earrings. I held them in my hand and agonized over whether I should spend $6 on them (I can hear you laughing as I write this...). She grabbed them irritatingly, walked up to the register, and bought them for me. True friendship :)
Leotard- H&M
Skirt- Vintage
Shoes- Tieks in Matte Black
Sunnies- Target
Satchel- Target
Earrings- H&M

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