Thursday, June 21, 2012

Outfit // Milkmaid

Wow! Things have been so hectic around here! Weeks filled with the type of days where you wake up early (something I'm not good at), go non-stop all day, come home to sleep, and then wake up only to do it all over again. Though I can't complain too much because, by and large, my days have been filled with a lot of love, fun, and happy moments. Life doesn't always feel full, but right now it does and I'm just soaking it all in :)
So, I felt like trying something new with my hair this week. I went with the whole milkmaid braids updo. It was easy and I ended up really liking it! It felt so nice having my hair off my neck! I'm also glad that I felt creative just in time. Had I wanted to do something different with my hair today, it most definitely would not have happened. It's 100 degrees. I barely even want to wear clothes today let alone put any amount of effort into my hair. It's officially Summer folks! XD
Shirt- Hecht's (back when it existed)
Jeans- H&M
Flats- Tieks in Matte Black
Sunnies- Target

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