Thursday, August 2, 2012

Outfit // Simple Chic

Yesterday I decided to keep the outfit pretty simple and basic. Pairing a classic light-denim button up with black, cotton shorts and just adding a little bit of gold bling! We had my grandmother over for lunch and then I had to work for a bit so being comfortable was important-converse shoes it was! :) Tying a button up is also a really easy way to make a structured garment look more casual!
You probably can't tell in these pictures so much, but I was in the mood to experiment with my makeup a little bit. I was watching a tv show (and no I will not tell you which one because I'm probably slightly too old to still be watching it...XD) and the girls had a lot of eye-makeup on and kept everything else really neutral. Felt weird having so much makeup on, but I love experimenting and having fun with it!
Having my grandma over was such a delight! She brought all the fixins for a pretty mean banana split...don't you just love grandmothers? Had some lunch, was given a zillion Mary Kay samples, and overall had a really great time with my family :)
My brother was my photographer for this post. He told me to do a hand model pose...clearly I should audition for ANTM.
Shirt- J.Crew
Shorts- H&M
Gold bangle- A free gift from an Indian store in D.C.
Gold band- Vintage
Shoes- Converse c/o Journeys
Sunnies- Target

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