Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday I'm In Love // No. 11

Okay folks, here are some things that I'm diggin' this week. Enjoy :)
These historic black and white photos that have been colorized.
The Magic School Bus. One of my favorite childhood shows that I still love to watch to this day. Ever wonder what some of them would look like nowadays? Check it out here.
Superman. Can't get enough. Here is some Superman inspired make-up.
One of my favorite designers and personalities is Nate Berkus. Here is one of my favorite pillows he designed for Target.
These vintage schedulers. They are so adorable, as is everything on this site. Definitely worth exploring.
These rubber barber erasers. So dang cute.
These quotes and words of wisdom from my favorite tv gals. Why can't Mad Men be back already?
These maps that show how Americans speak English completely differently from each other.

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