Friday, April 27, 2012

The Samaritan Women // Introduction

      I decided many months ago when I was still in the idea phase of beginning Whatever's Lovely that I wanted my business to serve a greater purpose. This is why I decided to donate 15% of all profits to The Samaritan Women, a Baltimore non-profit organization that will be rescuing women out of human trafficking in the greater Baltimore area. 

      Human trafficking is an issue that I am very passionate about. It is a dark and disturbing part of our reality in this world right now, happening everywhere-including the US! The issue of human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking, can feel so huge that it is easy to feel it is a hopeless cause. This is where Whatever Lovely's feature, "Change," comes into the picture. Every couple of months I will feature a story about a specific rescued woman or The Samaritan Women and what they are doing to help end this horrific, and often overlooked, crime. I want to bring light and hope to an otherwise dark situation. Women are being rescued, lives are being changed, and YOU need to hear about it! It's SO important to stay encouraged! So, I will begin by introducing The Samaritan Women and the woman behind this wonderful organization. 
Jeanne Allert :)
       The Samaritan Women was started by a woman of the name Jeanne Allert. She has such a beautiful and courageous heart for helping to end sex trafficking and has devoted her life to the cause. Something that is really lacking in the rescue process is actual facilities and housing to offer women after they have been rescued. The Samaritan Women (TSW) has opened its doors and are currently waiting for victims to be rescued and brought to their facilities where they will be involved in a program that caters to their specific needs.
TSW's residential facility
      This program includes vocational training, academic development, spiritual care, and social re-entry through community service. Jeanne is so excited for women to start coming into the program she has so carefully designed. And, I could not be more thrilled to aid in their progress and to keep you posted on their endeavors!

      To find out more information about The Samaritan Women go to Or, if you have any specific questions regarding TSW or human trafficking please feel free to contact me!

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