Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Outfit // Apple Tree

I'm in love with this new dress. I've been looking for a sweety of a print for awhile. And, who doesn't love a peter pan collar? This apple print dress (honestly they kind of look like peaches, too, so who really knows...) was something I picked up at Forever21 with a gift card I got for my birthday. I love birthdays...they just keep giving. My favorite color is red. So, naturally, I slapped on some red lipstick and sparkly, red nail polish. Red nail polish is a staple for me. It's so sophisticated and adding the tiniest of sparkles gives it that Summertime kick!
Today the hot, humid, heat-advisory type of weather subsided and it was so nice to actually be able to enjoy being outside! I got to hang out with my friend Caroline who is back from Australia where she is a Mid-wife. I love this girl. Our extrovert-only energy is a little explosive and thats just fine by me (though I'm sure annoying to everyone around us trying to have a normal-volume convo....oh well :))! 

We had manicures/pedicures, grabbed Starbucks (skinny vanilla latte w/soy milk, case you were wondering!), and chatted about our middle school adventures. We went to the same crazy middle school (Dunloggin represent!) so we have lots of stories. 
Dress- Forever21
Sunnies- Target
P.S. $5 goes to the person that can guess where Ms. Caroline took these photos. ::Hint:: It's at the Columbia Mall!
P.S.S. You aren't really getting $5 if you answer correctly. You're looking at one broke woman :P

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