Monday, July 2, 2012

Outfit // Festivities

I'm officially 23 years old, folks. I really can't believe it. Although I know I am still a youngin its starting to hit me that the older you get, the faster time moves; this fact of life entirely freaks me out. I suppose the only way to put my mind at ease is to work on savoring moments, enjoying the present, and being thankful that I was given yet another year to live on this earth. Easier said than done, though. Aside from all that existential seriousness, I had an amazing birthday! 
Some of my friends and I went to RA Sushi in Baltimore to celebrate my birthday. I had a really amazing time and felt so loved by everyone that was there and that cared to celebrate with me. The company was amazing, the sushi was incredible, and the ambiance was so trendy and fun. Sometimes ya just gotta get out of the suburbs and explore the city :) 

Afterwards we walked around Fells Point and got caught in the beginnings of a crazy storm. It was really intense! I mean, sand and dirt in your eyes, leaves and trash stinging your legs, hair in your mouth kind of intense. I actually enjoyed it (I love storms). We stopped into Max's and hung out there late into the night. Everyone was craving some nasty, awesome fast food afterwards so we left for home where we soon figured out that the storm was way worse than we even knew. Main roads were completely dark; it looked like a ghost town (so eery)! We eventually found a Checkers that was open and got a couple XL Fry Lovers.
The next day I got to celebrate with my family. Every year I get to choose any meal I'd like to have and I, of course, always choose crabs. SO DELICIOUS! Cake (half strawberry shortcake, half raspberry chocolate), ice cream, and a double feature movie time with my Mom all made for a great day :)
Still haven't celebrated with everyone yet (I know, poor me... ;D) because 3 million people lost power on the East coast from that storm!! Thankfully, we never did. I don't know how people are surviving right now with no A/C in this 95 degree weather because I'm kind of a little princess (love that movie) when it comes to my air. Today I'm off work because of the whole no power thing and I am just straight chillin' and enjoying cuddly time with my kitty. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a cat do this? I'm in love.

Dress- Mink Pink c/o ModCloth
Shoes- Seychelles c/o DSW
P.S. Thanks for letting blabber on today. I feel like I kind of used this post as more of a journal entry time. Hope you don't mind :)

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