Thursday, July 26, 2012

Outfit // Shadows

Today was such a great day! I got breakfast with a friend who just finished all of the Hunger Games books. It's been awhile since I've had the chance to discuss them with someone who's fresh off the book and it really was a lot of fun. I really need to be part of a book club. Which hopefully will actually be happening soon :3.
Later we saw The Dark Knight Rises and snuck our coffee in :). It was a morning showing so it only seemed fitting to have a cup-o-joe on hand. Also, did you know that if you see a movie before noon at AMC the tickets are only $6? It's really sad that thats cheap, but it is what it is I suppose!
That same friend, Brittanie, was my photographer today. She told me to "do Top-Model poses." I try, I try.
So, if you were wondering why the name of this blog post is entitled "shadows" it would be because, as I said, I saw The Dark Knight The League of Shadows was a group of assassins that Batman received training from until he realized just how morally corrupt they were. I'm fascinated by the villains in every story and learning what led them to turn out the way they did. This is one main reason why I love Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy. So...League of Shadows...shadows...get it? Okay, I should stop before I scare away the followers that actually came to check out my personal style and not my inner nerd. 
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Handmade by me and available here
Belt- Vintage
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Shoe Biz
Sunnies- Target


  1. Your hair looks amaaaazing.
    And I don't know how you walk in those shoes.
    As always, you look adorable :)

    1. Thank youuuu!! Those shoes actually look way more treacherous than they really are! The platform under my toes is so high that they are seriously pretty comfortable. I will say I do hang onto the railing for dear life when going down stairs though :D


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