Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outfit // Black + White

Sometimes it's just best to keep things nice and simple. Black and white is a wonderful, simple combination that leaves a bold statement. I've decided that high-low skirts are the absolute greatest. When you walk in them the air catches the longer fabric in the back leaving this flowy fabric trail behind you. It's lovely. And, I dare you to try this trend and not end up feeling like a superstar on your way to Rite Aid to pick up toilet paper.
I've heard some really mixed reviews on the whole white T/black bra trend. Some people find it trashy, some find it edgy. To be honest, I say wear what you like. The above outfit does not seem "suggestive" in the slightest. I felt that, in this case, it made my classy outfit a tad bit edgier. Mixing styles is what makes an outfit more interesting to look at. So, in conclusion, if you don't like a trend...don't wear it ;)
T // Stylemint
Skirt // Target
Sandals // Anthropologie
Coin belt // Vintage
Necklace // Vintage


  1. I love this! And I've been very much considering getting that same skirt from Target!

    1. Thanks! And I say yes to you buying the skirt. You will not regret it, and they're only $20 bucks!!


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