Thursday, September 6, 2012


Currently...I have too much time on my hands. You know you need a project when you start  Warholing your photos...

Loving: The 30 Days of Lists challenge! Amy from Lemon and Raspberry and Kam from Campfire Chic started a 30 Days of Lists project that gives you a new prompt everyday to list and art journal about. It's been so much fun so far! The first thing I do after waking up is check the website for the list of the day. It's also really inspired me to be more creative as everyday is a new challenge with a new blank journal page ready to be glued on, painted, drawn on, etc. It's not too late to register! :) 

Loving (part two): Lush's new "Emotional Brilliance" line. I went to their store today and the man working there did a color analysis on me. After closing your eyes and trying to release the stress in your life you choose three colors. These three colors are supposed to represent aspects of your personality. Their marketing strategy is that you should buy these in order to remember those feelings attached to the color. For example, mine were "In Charge", "Glamourous", and "Focus". Every time I wear "In Charge" I will remember to feel in charge. Get it? Well, its all kind of hokey but I'm all in. I love it. You can try it out for yourself online, too! What's weird is that mine eerily fit where I am in life right now. The first color is your "strength and/or weakness" (In Charge). The second is your "subconscious" (Glamourous). The third is your "aspiration" (Focus). Oh goodness, do I need focus... 
Reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey. I am loving her writing voice and style. She's just hilarious in every way. Sometimes its good to have an easy, fun read.

Watching: Re-runs of House Hunters and Property Brothers...come on Fall shows, I'm ready for you! 

Listening to: The Lumineers! Oh my, where has this band been all my life?? No, seriously, why hasn't anyone told me about them? "Slow It Down" and "Stubborn Love" are just gorgeous songs. I've also been listening to Ra Ra Riot and Tokyo Police Club. I'm so ready to see a concert or two. Any takers?

Anticipating: My upcoming sinus surgery! I know it sounds weird to be excited about surgery but when you've literally tried everything and are still in pain you get a little desperate. It's just a week and a half away-here's hoping it's successful!

Planning: My life! Or rather praying and thinking about what my next steps are. It's been challenging to know where to start. I guess sometimes you just have to dive right in and figure out what you do and do not like, trial and error style-yay...

Wishing: I had more money to get dressed up and go to swanky parties in DC. Or better yet throw a swanky party. Throwing parties is truly one of lifes greatest pleasures for me. Fall shin-dig? Maybe? Yes?

Wearing: Boots and scarves and sweaters. I've started pretending its Fall even though its still muggy and 85 degrees out...don't judge me.

Drinking: Pumpkin spice lattes!!!! Yay! They're back! *jumps up and down in the middle of Starbucks, knocking over the thermos display*

Pinning: Fall clothing inspiration. Fall clothes, Fall clothes, Fall clothes. Um, have I mentioned how ready for Fall I am? 

Thankful for: The inspiring people that are in my life. I have so many friends and family members that continually display courage, strength, and commitment to their dreams, goals, and aspirations. I need their focus. Give it to me.

I would love to hear how you all are doing! Feel free to comment below or e-mail me at
P.S. I got this idea from Sometimes Sweet. You should check her blog out :)

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