Monday, October 15, 2012

outfit // my heart completely

This past weekend was a whirlwind of both productivity and time with friends. Kinda the perfect mixture, right? Sometimes what helps me get things done is just going to a local coffee shop, sitting down and focusing on one thing. This time the one thing was finishing my Europe journal. I know, I's been about a month since I returned from Europe. During the last few days of my trip I never got around to recording my experiences and I do not want to forget them. Better late than never!
 As you can see I'm wearing faux fur (::gasp::). I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore something furry. It's not really my thing, but as I was sifting through my closet getting rid of old clothes I found this vest. I thought, why not? It made me feel kinda diva-ish. Look out BeyoncĂ©, here I come.
 I'd like to introduce my favorite little creature, Milo. He is all mine and I'm kinda obsessed with him. Since he's an all black cat it's really difficult to get a good picture that shows him in all his cuteness. He goes outside and tears up the world like a beast and then comes inside to cuddle with you for hours. Yeah, he's pretty bad ass.
 One thing I got to do this weekend was go to a concert with my friend Grace! Seeing bands live is one of my favorite things in the world to do, especially when it's an awesome band like Gungor. They were absolutely incredible! Also, a big thanks to my friend Damaris for letting me wear her glasses for this pic! I look all nice and hipstery :P
 Yesterday I got to go to Sheetz (a restaurant NOT a gas station). Some friends and I drove 40 minutes to try all their new pumpkin drinks. Yummmmm! Oh, this is my friend Kristen who wouldn't get out of my picture I was trying to take of the freakin' sweet blending bar they have :D.

I hope your weekend was relaxing and wonderful, too!!
Shirt // Vintage
Jeans // Delia's in Dark Indigo
Vest // Old Navy (3 yrs ago)
Shoes // ShoeMint
Necklace // ModCloth

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