Wednesday, October 31, 2012

outfit // boo.

Ah! Happy Halloween!! I love, love Halloween. It's one of the best times of the year where everything gets a little spookier and creepier. I think most people think I'm all whimsy but in reality I find dark, creepy, weird stuff to be fascinating. Whether its Tim Burton movies, books that explore really dark themes-I'm all about it. Plus, Halloween is just a great excuse to dress up (which I clearly love to do).
Growing up Halloween was always a big deal in my house. All the Aunt's, Uncle's, cousins, and family friends would come over. Our parents would take us around from door to door dressed up as dinosaurs, brides, princesses, ninjas, and the like. Afterwards us kids would go back home and dump all our candy on the floors. We each would painstakingly separate all the different kinds of candy (reese's there, skittles here, twizzlers in the center). Then came the best part-trading. My favorite candy was always Reese's so I traded just about anything to get them (except for SweetTarts, of course). Once this was done we'd pack our candy away and everyone would either go to a restaurant or we'd order food for delivery. 

Those memories are very near and dear to my heart. I loved those special nights with our family and friends all in the same place.
I hope that you eat lots of candy, watch creepy movies, eat pizza, and maybe even get to dress up if you didn't get the chance to this past weekend!

dress // romwe
belt // vintage
tights // h&m
shoes // urban outfitters


  1. 4 pics down. gorg. seriously. you are so beautiful!


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