Monday, October 29, 2012

outfit // poe

 Sunday evening I had the fantastic opportunity to see the play "Poe" at Centerstage in Baltimore. I was sick all weekend and made sure I was super rested so that I would not have to miss it! And, oh, I'm so glad I didn't. It was creepy, beautiful, and thought-provoking-everything that Edgar Allan Poe's poetry is. The playwright did a genius job giving us a look into what may have been going through Poe's disturbed mind during his final days. It was the perfect play to see during Halloween-time in the very city that Poe died in.
Theater in the round <3
 Is it weird that I wanted my outfit to somewhat match the play I was seeing? I felt like this baroque-esque black+white dress fit the mood perfectly. However, it's super tight. And, unless I'm going clubbing (and you know me...clubbin' it up every weekend) I don't wear skin tight things to theater performances. So, I wore a mustard color cardigan and little oxford heels to make the outfit a bit more playful.
Also, it must be said that all the beautiful color-filled trees you see in the background will most likely be gone by the time I post another outfit post. Dear Sandy has her grubby fingers all up in my Fall experience. The hurricane has barely started here in Maryland, but already half the leaves have been blown off of the trees. It is sure to be a crazy experience though! Stay safe East-coasters. And if you live anywhere else and are reading this, well, enjoy the sunshine for me!
Oh, and this is my friend Brittanie who (or whom??) I went to the show with. We decided this photo describes our friendship perfectly. And, now excuse me while she kills me for posting it.
sweater // target
dress // h&m
tights // target
shoes // clarks


  1. "Dear Sandy has her grubby fingers all up in my Fall experience"---hahaha! this made me laugh so hard, i almost forgave you for the pic you posted...almost.


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