Monday, February 25, 2013


Kindlewood. They are seriously so good. They are the perfect drive-home-from-work music. Relaxing yet not so relaxing that you almost pass out at the steering wheel. Other artists include Alt-J, Frank Ocean, and John Legend.
Sometimes the pictures I take for my "currently" posts are from some point in the day. This one was literally taken 5 minutes ago. I stayed home today with a bad back and a cold. So I've been lounging around in my favorite huge sweater.
Coffee. I gave it up for a little while and now its back in my life with a vengeance. My boss just bought all of the staff a Keurig coffee machine as a Valentine's Day gift. Super-duper sweet! Also, I'm officially a huge fan of Zeke's. It's a Baltimore coffee brand and it will make you turn your nose up at almost every other kind of caffeine. 
I had been trying to watch lots of Oscar nominated movies in preparation for the Oscars last night.    Now, I didn't manage to watch all the Best Picture nominations. I saw Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook (Jennifer Lawrence <3), and Argo. And, I really would have been happy if any of those movies had won. My friend had a swanky little Oscar's party and, besides being laid up because of my back, it was the absolute best! French cuisine, wine, fancy outfits. Heaven. And, of course, there were lots of opinions and critiques on the fashion choices. This was one of my personal favorites from the night: 
But apparently I'm in the minority on this one because this has made its way onto all the worst dressed lists...
Meanwhile this is what I looked like for Oscar night (ca-razyyy):
Miamiiiiii! Did I mention I'm going to Miami for Spring break? I'm SO excited! A week of nothing but laying on the beach in cute swimsuits. Magical.
My job. It's hard work but its so rewarding. I'm realizing that not all jobs will feel so worthwhile. I'm really going to focus on not taking this for granted.
My back didn't hurt D: Can this be over already?
Big, long, simple t-shirts like this one. And Saltwater sandals! Definitely getting a pair for my Miami trip!


  1. Hello there! I like your blog :) The way you divided your thoughts up in categories is really cool, I might try that sometime too. What is your job btw? Glad you enjoy it so much! Love your hair too, following along now!


    1. Hi Alyssa! Thank you! I got the idea from .

      I work as a one on one instructional assistant in a prek special ed school! It can be challenging but the littler girl I work with is the sweetest and the staff are a bunch of incredible ladies! I've worked in a lot of other settings and it's hard to find a positive work environment like the one I'm in :)

      Thanks for the follow!



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