Thursday, March 7, 2013

outfit // hey ya'll

 photo IMG_5523.jpg
I decided to do a lot of color retouching on the photos for this post to create a specific kind of mood. The outfit I wore had a rustic, country-home-town feel and I decided to just go there 100% with the lighting and color. I don't usually like to touch my photos up this much, but I think it's fun to experiment :)
 photo IMG_5527.jpg  photo IMG_5529.jpg
I've been really into flannel. Or plaid. Or both. I think plaid shirts are really simple and comfortable yet adorable. To me, a plaid button-up and a comfy pair of jeans are a classic casual look.
 photo IMG_5528.jpg  photo IMG_5526.jpg 
The weather here in Maryland has been kinda nuts. As you can probably tell, these photos were not taken today. We had a "snowstorm" yesterday here in MD. Maybe we'll get a real snowstorm soon. Although I really wouldn't mind it just being Spring already.

My "snow day" yesterday was glorious though. I worked on my blog, watched movies, and ultimately just sat around and rested. Some teachers don't like snow days because we get days added in June. My attitude? I need a day off now not later. When it's warm and nice outside work just seems to fly by. I can't be the only one that thinks life is just a little bit sweeter when it's warm out, can I? I need sunshine!
 photo IMG_5522.jpg 
Two random thoughts:
1) I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower yesterday. My Mom asked me if I thought she'd like it and I replied "No, I'm just barely young enough to like it." Am I getting old?
2) I'm currently sipping on coffee and eating pretzels. It's a really gross combination. Does anyone have some cinnamon buns they can drop off at my house? Thanks.
 photo 59e7fb33-3b55-4abe-95de-edf11a17f74c.jpg
shirt // forever 21
jeans // lucky jeans
boots // aldo
belt // vintage
purse // cole haan


  1. Adorable outfit and lovely pictures! Following <3 Alex

  2. just found you through Erinn S. insta... Your just darling! This outfit is just super cute! Keep being blessed and love the blog!


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