Friday, March 8, 2013

March Wishlist

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Okay guys, can you guess where I'm going this month?...Miami! I've always seen myself as someone who is way too sophisticated to spend their vacation at a place like Miami (and also maybe I was a snob?...just maybe). But, here I am. About two weeks away from spending almost a week in the heat and sunshine! I am soooo excited and have been dreaming of what I'm going to wear for about a month now. Am I the only person that also dreams about what they will wear on the flight, too? I just want to be the jetsetter type, okay! So, this months wishlist is filled with beach essentials. The only thing that could be added is a couple of good books, a beach towel, and a cute coverup. Also, crop tops? I love them. I'm really glad that Forever 21 has about a billion cheap options. 90's girl look here I come!


  1. So excited! Obvs I LOVE #3 sooooo much

  2. Ahhh great stuff! Love #2, 3, and 7! Soooo looking foward to warmer weather!


  3. Haha, you're definitely not the only one that dreams about what they are going to wear on vacation! I am going to Europe in a couple of months and I have been thinking about what I am going to wear on the flight for a while :)

    Love that bag!


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