Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 things // shows

Shows I want to rent and watch:

Not to mention that I have still yet to see every single episode of How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and Seinfeld (which is just a crime against humanity, I know).

New Fall 2012 shows I'm excited for:

(1) Mindy Kaling? NUF said. (2) Meryl Streeps daughter is the star of the show. So automatically I'm game for giving this show a shot. Not mention her name is Mamie which is just cool (and also my middle name :P). NOT TO MENTION Justin Hartley (aka freakin' Green Arrow from Smallville) is the male lead. High hopes. (3) I mean, it's Matthew Perry. I'm always willing to give his stuff a chance. (4) Ben and Kate, a show about two siblings and their crazy lives, just looks adorable. (5) Okay this one honestly looks super lame. However, Lana Lang is the lead...uhm, I mean Kristen Kreuk.

There are also SO many new mid-season shows that are coming out this January/February. I mean Hugh Dancy in ANYTHING? Yes, please. There are also the regulars that I'm pumped to have back: Community, Parenthood, Once Upon A Time, HIMYM, New Girl, The Voice, Up All Night...and, WOW I watch way too much television... :-/

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