Monday, September 10, 2012

Outfit // Stripes + Scarves

Will I ever get tired of black and white striped anything? Hmm...probably not. I got this dress from Target for only $20 and it was such a good buy. It's so comfy. I paired it with a caramel colored circle scarf (or eternity scarf, or snood...why are there so many names for them?). And, of course, red lipstick. A pop of red with black and white will always be magical.
What's funny is that it was humid and 85 degrees out when I wore this. My excitement for Fall led me straight to my boots and other warm things. And then I was sweating all evening. Which was awesome. Now of course it is beautiful out. And I have been wearing sweaters galore and drinking pumpkin everything.
Dress // Target
Scarf // H&M
Sunglasses // Ray Ban
Boots // Seychelles


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