Wednesday, November 14, 2012

outfit // keep calm

Guys! I've been way way inconsistent on here. Ridiculousness. I finally got well and then I started my full-time job officially. Okay, excuse me for one minute while I say something really do people survive life working full time? My week just started and I already came home absolutely exhausted today. I've worked full-time before but it was only for a time. For some reason it feels different knowing that there's no real end in sight (ha!). Well, enough of that, I'm loving my job and feel so blessed to be working there. The children and staff all teach me so much everyday!
So, I've been trying to look semi-cute at work but in all honestly I don't know how long that will last. When you have kids drooling and touching you with their boogery hands all day it kinda discourages you from wearing that new blouse in your closet. Ya feel? And, because I went all week not being able to wear what I wanted, I took an extra amount of time and creativity getting dressed. Hence the skirt over dress combo which I for some reason always forget about. 
So, this weekend was all about relaxing, drinking coffee on my front porch with nowhere to be, dressing however I'd like to, and catching up with friends. It was lovely :) As much as I loved the weekend I refuse to be one of those people that "live for the weekend." What a gross way to live, do you agree? Everyday deserves to be lived-not just Friday through Sunday :).
dress // target
skirt // romwe
shoes // tieks in matte black
P.S. I started parting my hair down the middle. LIVIN' IT UP. Whadya think?

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  1. It takes a long time to get used to working full time - the first month or so will be exhausting, especially if you're on your feet a lot (and it sounds like you are). However, I find that the challenge of looking cute at work can become a fun challenge!

    Oh, and when you work in an office, you always look forward to the weekends :)


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