Monday, January 7, 2013

outfit // chilly

Chilly. Chilly and weird. I'm weird because I have pretty much refused to accept how cold it's been-hence outfits like this. But, I just wear what I love, ya know!?! :P Anyway, lately I've been trying to get on top of my life. With the new year brought new motivation. I've been planning my meals and outfits the night before, going to the library a lot to work on some projects, and scheduling a new workout plan. I've decided to train for 10K! It's going to be hard work but my goal is to run a race in May which gives me plenty of time. My brothers girlfriend, Ashley, is going to be training with me, too. It's always good to have a workout buddy for extra motivation!
I know this isn't new news but...I love red. Especially bright red-orange. These pants were on clearance at Old Navy for about $10! Love. I've been really into simple outfits lately that play with elements of color-blocking.
What kind of motivation or goals has the new year brought you? I'd love to hear about your resolutions! :)
shirt // target
pants // old navy
flats // tieks
purse // target

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  1. Ah, someone who shares my red obsession! And congrats on the 10k & training! I did a 10k in November and it definitely comes with a big sense of accomplishment. And you'll have plenty of time to train! Also, beware of shin splints, they're evil.


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