Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 6 Outfits of 2012

[shadows, poe]
I don't know about you but every year, around this time, I get a little nostalgic. Some years seem a little crazier than others and it helps to look back and see the bigger story. This year was definitely a roller coaster ride; lots of highs and lows. But, I wouldn't trade this confusing year for anything because I learned so much about myself, my interests, and my relationships. It was the year of focus for me and I'm so glad to be where I am now.
[shirley, spoons]
So, because recapping a year of your life can be fun, I thought why not recap some of my favorite outfits? It was originally going to be a top 5 list but I couldn't narrow it down (am I allowed to say that?). All of these photos hold so many memories for me. I truly love being a blogger because not only do I get to share my style with you and bits of my life, but I also get to keep a photo diary for myself. :)
[pumpkin, apple tree]
I hope your Christmas and your Holiday went fantastically! If you feel like sharing your own 2012 recap below or in an email, well, I'd love that :)


  1. I love outfit recaps and I always seem to get nostalgic! These outfits are all adorable! I think my favs would have to be the 2nd and the last two though! Hope your New Year's is wonderfu1!-Jessica L

  2. Thank you!! I hope your New Years has been off to a great start! :)


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